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Tee C

I joined this crazy place on 2010-07-19, 11 years ago.

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Painting - 7 years ago

@Silverkitten, oh no, it wasn't hard at all. I usually just got a warm bucket of water with some Dawn squirted in, a big sponge, and did some quick swiping. Quick and easy. I've even heard of people n...

Painting - 7 years ago

There are a lot of places that won't let you paint a rental home. I try to look at it from both sides. On one hand, I don't see a problem with it as long as it's a neutral color (no black, royal bl...

Would you say something? - 7 years ago

Awww, even if you can't find your engagement ring just yet, it's still awesome that you found your band. I wouldn't feel too horrible about thinking the deliverymen took them; it isn't so much you ...

Would you say something? - 7 years ago

You're human. It's not so unusual to do something as simple as taking off your wedding rings and setting them down. If you had known the outcome of course you wouldn't have done it, so don't beat your...

Grrrr...Craigslist Sob Stories - 7 years ago

Yes--this is more Craigslist whining, lol. First, let me say that no one--and I mean no one--can beat my pricing on Craigslist. If I sell anything, it's not to get rich. I often end up losing money...

5,000,000 Reasons Why I Will Never Post a Free Item on Craigslist Again - 7 years ago

The first sane guy who I contacted actually showed up to get the bench. Final tally? 213 emails and text messages. Geez...

eBay store is open for Garbage Vulture - 7 years ago

I am ALL for people starting their own businesses, especially with the economy the way it is nowadays. Working for yourself should be the American way! Congratulations and I pray you sell a ton :D.

This is why I hate Halloween - 7 years ago

I certainly think it's in extremely poor taste. I feel badly for anyone who lost a loved one in a similar manner who drives by and see that... Seems like an attention hound to me.

Thoughts on Atheist or humanist chaplains? - 7 years ago

Silverkitten, hey :). I have been enjoying getting old, lol. Seriously, our daughter went off to college this summer so it's just me and her Pa. Our daughter and me are so close I thought I was goi...

5,000,000 Reasons Why I Will Never Post a Free Item on Craigslist Again - 7 years ago

Silverkitten, dang, lol. I didn't get asked for food--but the number of emails is up to over a hundred now. Like I said, never again...

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