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Hiring receptionist at Headlines Salon - 4 years ago by headlines - Reply

Looking to add an enthusiastic sales associate for the front desk at our salon, hours available will be 2-8 at least 2 nights during the week and 9-6 Saturday possibly Sundays.If you would like to be apart of a great working environment contact Tina or come by for an application. Look forward to seeing your smiling face!

Pizza in ogden - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

If its good, and they can keep up with demand, I dont see why not. Good, clean, friendly, experienced and efficient... success.

Pizza in ogden - 5 years ago by Newmommy15 - Reply

Need advice does anyone think a homemade pizza shop would make good in ogden with pizza Hut there

Wow - 5 years ago by Lena Hall - Reply

It doesn't seem very active compared to how Lewis underground used to be!!

Wow - 5 years ago by cocowgirl777 - Reply

I see this place is still super happening lol.

MEB Process...? - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

I'm finally in that boat, and I never paid much attention before. I'd say we have about 2 months left til MEB actually is initiated, but why wait til then to start learning, right?

Just curious if anyone around here has gone thru the process and what info they have to share as far as what its like to transition out.

Fences - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

Unfortunately I cannot, since I put up my own fence.

Snow - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

I hope when spring does get here that it really feels like spring.

Wasnt long ago when I graduated AIT at FLW in May and my husband drove thru snow the whole way there.

Snow - 5 years ago by proud wife of a retiree - Reply

This winter does blow!! Everyone here at work was hoping for a snow day today.. well guess spring break is around the corner!!!!

Fences - 5 years ago by proud wife of a retiree - Reply

I am looking to put up a fence... can anyone recommend a reputable fencing company...

Snow - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

Bah, another bust. This winter blows.

Snow - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

Games were cancelled and wont be rescheduled. While I'm bummed about not watching my kid play, this means he had an undefeated season... so theres a positive.

Been snowing good all day, but just isnt piling up quickly enough for me. Too soon to tell if I'll be working or not. Hoping to find out sometime tomorrow if we'll be doing snow removal at KSU tomorrow night.

Snow - 5 years ago by proud wife of a retiree - Reply

Oh goodness I hope so.. I would like some decent snow!!!

Snow - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

Will we finally get some real snow? Would be the first time this season. I want the snow, but I dont want it to cancel the final soccer games Saturday.

Tonight - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

Not my cup of tea :)

Tonight - 5 years ago by cocowgirl777 - Reply

I did everyone who's lerking should come out wed. Bring the kids and dance.

Tonight - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

Did you have fun?

Tonight - 5 years ago by cocowgirl777 - Reply

tonight at 7pm at coyotes in junction city there is free dance lessons. I will be there it is family friendly so my son will be there feel free to join me!

Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler...... - 5 years ago by cocowgirl777 - Reply

are you at carson now TeeC? i just came from there. well not carson exactly but the area i have a ton of friends there. im hoping that since a bunch of guys are coming home in the next few mos ish that some people will move back. ive tried the neighbor aproach.....but good god the people who live around me just wow lol. one set make honey boo boos mom look classy one makes the ppl who wear tinfoil hats look non paranoid ive tried to make contact with others when i see em out but i get the quick glance turn away run in your house maneuver lol.

and sue the fb groups are a bust too. the sales ones are banging but you cant be like for the love of god be my friend and chat with me on there lol. you are right tho tee...the sales places at carson suck. lewis had great ones and here is pretty good...there is aweful.

Finally Friday!!!!! - 5 years ago by cocowgirl777 - Reply

so i checked out coyotes...slow as hell till like 1030ish maybe a bit later. started picking up after that tho. biggest issue i have is im a professional dancer and noooooo one can dance as well as im used to. im thinking im gonna have to look into the bars in manhattan and if that doesnt work start moving outward and canvas every bar in the state if i have to lol. dancing is my stress relief and if i cant destress properly i have the feeling i will end up being the worst serial killer ever lol. just go off and never stop lol.

Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler...... - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

Hi! I think people are enjoying those FB groups instead of this forum. I'm not associated with any of the local groups and havent been for some time because they are full of crazies and run by crazies. Be it a selling page, sitting page, venting page... crazies.

Mypay question - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

Better safe than sorry. LES's are up right now, so you could look at it and see what bank the comments say it's going to. Unless his new account is at the same bank, then it wont be much help.

Finally Friday!!!!! - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

I havent been out since in Kansas, and I dont have high hopes for anywhere in JC. I will say tho that I have heard stories about my 1SG and supply NCO at bars together and it sounds like something I'd love to witness. They are both a blast sober, so I can only imagine what they'd be like together in a bar. I'm more of a people watcher and usually only go to bars if they play live music.

new to the area as of Sunday... - 5 years ago by notsue - Reply

I'm going to wait til closer to when we are leaving before I start asking for letters. There are two specific people I'd like them from, but I think I should wait a few more months at least.

Mypay question - 5 years ago by Tee C - Reply

Good rule of thumb that Finance recommends: if the Direct Deposit action isn't processed by the 10th of the month, it's likely not going to go through to the new account yet. Not saying it won't--but it's not likely if it was on the 15th.

Most important thing is to NOT close the old account until it clears in the new account. Know a few people this happened to; it SUCKS to get fixed and you will not be able to get the money right away.

Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler...... - 5 years ago by Tee C - Reply

It has been a long time since I left Riley, but I still stick my head in from time-to-time. The 'regulars' know we're no longer stationed at Riley, but they're still very welcoming :).

Honestly? From what I can discern, I think a lot of folks just moved away. I remember a lot of familiar folks but noticed that only a few of them still come by (Hi, notsue).

I will say this, though: The Fort Riley Bookoo sales page is a BAJILLION times better than the Fort Carson page. The prices and variety was waaaay better; folks up here seem to think they have gold to sell and think a 7 year old piece is still worth full price :-/.

I find myself doing searches on some of the old 'hot' topics, lol. They were doozies!

Mypay question - 6 years ago by ShelbyAnn94 - Reply

My husband changed the bank account for his direct deposit on his mypay on January 15th. Does this mean his next pay check will be deposited into that account or will it remain going into the old bank account for a few more paychecks? I don't see how 2 weeks isn't enough time to process his new information but just wondering.

Finally Friday!!!!! - 6 years ago by cocowgirl777 - Reply

I am going out tonight around 815 ish. Does anyone have any suggestions about the nightlife around JC? I definately wanna hit up coyotes cuz its a country place. But im open to suggestions about other places I should try. Also anyone wanna come out and join me? I will be the blonde at the bar or on the edge of the dance floor looking lost and alone lol.

Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler...... - 6 years ago by cocowgirl777 - Reply

yes they are at least people are checking if only we could get them to talk.....

new to the area as of Sunday... - 6 years ago by cocowgirl777 - Reply

that sucks. you will find something tho im sure. see if your employer now will write you a letter of rec to attach to your resume...aparently it helps more than people think.

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