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Baby Question..

who's talking here?

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-NewYoRican- --- 10 years ago -

My husband & i have been married for 4 yrs & been trying to have a baby for almost 3 yrs. He's 24 & I'm 22

He is currently deployed but should be coming home in the next couple months. Since i'm heading back to KS i was wondering if anyone can tell me a good Fertility Clinc that will help me???? Everytime i go to the clinc on post (ft riley) They don't follow up with what needs to be done, I am just so sick of it.


daycare mommy --- 10 years ago -

Call and make an appointment with Women's Health Group. They are the ob/gyn clinic in Manhattan but they also handle fertility issues. While I haven't been in your situation, I do know they provide fertility help. Good luck and I hope you find the answers and help that you are looking for. 

Dess --- 10 years ago -

The woman health group will not accept you unless you are Standard Tri Care. 

daycare mommy --- 10 years ago -

This must have changed. I had my daughter at Mercy in Manhattan in Sept 09 and saw Dr. Roles (at women's health group) my whole pregnancy and was prime. I thought when it came to ob/gyn care that women had the choice of where to go? 

Dess --- 10 years ago -

I just had a baby back in March and in order to receive care off post I had to disenroll from Prime and go Standard. However, if there are complications and Irwin refers you out- thats a different story. Now everything with my care during and after preganancy was covered 100% with Standard- the only catch is I have co pays now with normal checkups and dr visits since I am staying with my gyn in Manhattan (just loved her). I cannot use on post clinics as a standard tri care person however, you can switch back to pime after 1 year.

I wish they would have given me a choice to stay Prime and choose. 

Newmommy15 --- 10 years ago -

me and my husband tryed for 5 yrs to have a baby and we found out i was RHneg and needed a shot to help me get prego have you had your blood tested yet 

-NewYoRican- --- 10 years ago -

no i havent had my blood checked out yet, im heading back to Riley in 2 wks & going to make an appointment. What exactly do i say about needing help to get pregnant? do i have to set up a speacial appointment for that?? 

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