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Ideas to enduce labor

who's talking here?

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DollLikeDeceptions --- 10 years ago -

Alright ladies I need some help! I am currently dilated to 3cm, 100% efaced and in a regular contraction pattern every 6 minutes. This has been going on for a day and a half now! Spent the evening at L&D and was sent home to wait it out.
I can't handle going up there one more time and being sent home with these contractions so I need to get this labor going. DR said if I get to 4 they will admit me and give me pitocin but until then I'm on my own.
I need some ideas, any ideas at this point! I just had a friend tell me to eat watermelon...never heard that but hubby is picking it up from the store at lunch lol 

Gemini09 --- 10 years ago -

Nipple stimulation/pumping, and walking. 

notsue --- 10 years ago -

No ideas. Love pitocin tho... had it three times now, it works! 

DollLikeDeceptions --- 10 years ago -

Nipple stimulation/pumping, and walking.

lol done, done and done! 

~*Kandice*~ --- 10 years ago -

Go walk. Bounce on a birthing ball..have with your boobs haha. 

~*Kandice*~ --- 10 years ago -

Plan something you really want to go to...that will put you into labor haha...Babies like to mess up plans! 

DollLikeDeceptions --- 10 years ago -

lol I'm on the hunt for a ball right husband says he feels like a piece of meat and there is no romance, lol I almost laughed the baby out!

How is your pregnancy going Kandice? 

~*Kandice*~ --- 10 years ago -

Mine is going good. Should have a baby on 9/2 if he doesnt try to come sooner...which he better not because I have everything planned like I need it haha. 

Hope (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

kandice..youve jinxed yourself now lol 

~*Kandice*~ --- 10 years ago -

Haha I know. I am trying to get everything ready so that he wont feel obligated to come early. If I have to I will stand on my head until 9/2! 

daisypetals2000 --- 10 years ago -

I have heard castor oil and candy work... haven't ever tried it myself though. I tried everything else and nothing worked... I finally said screw it and let nature decide. Worked out better that way - less frustration. 

Newmommy15 --- 10 years ago -

i was 2 days past my due date and i went to get the mail and someone backed into my car that was parked and i guess the stress started mine uz the next morning at 10am i was on my way to the hospital and got admited so i hate to say it stress brought my labor on or just being pissed off someone backed into my parked car 

KingsQueen --- 10 years ago -

My husband was deployed when I was pregnant with our daughter. I prayed and prayed she'd hold out til his R&R so he could be there. Which she about 12 hours. :)He arrived at 11 am and we were in the hospital by 11 pm. We had gone to a movie that night and 2 hours after the movie was finished I was in labor. I've been told it's because of the position that I/baby was sitting during the movie. I don't know if it's true (or all the other stressful/exciting things going on)but it you never know--it might work for you! :) 

DollLikeDeceptions --- 10 years ago -

ugh I've tried caster oil....physically couldn't drink it bc of the consistancy but had the brilliant idea to make hashbrowns with it. Two hours later my stomach was rumbling so loud I thought it would scare the baby out but I stalled at 3... 

overit --- 10 years ago -

Earthquakes! I was only kidding when I said that it was one way to get the kid out. Well my neighbor is now having major We will see if it actually gets the baby out ( shes overdue) 

Kayce --- 10 years ago -

a massage got my labor going with my son also lots and lots of walking! 

julie --- 10 years ago -

dont to castor oil. contractions are bad enough.... add in horrible stomach cramping between them and diarrhea... NO FUN

its not recommended anyways :) 

~*Kandice*~ --- 10 years ago -

Well theres no full moon in your future so that is out too.

My water broke on a full moon with my son. 

a3549033uu --- 10 years ago -

I used castor oil to induce labor with my daughter and it worked great. I drank it at night and was at the hospital the very next morning and delivered her. I didn't personally experience any cramping or diarrhea but that may be something that depends on that individual. Good luck and congrats! 

Amber --- 10 years ago -

SEX and WALKING are the main things that I have always been told. I have had to be induced with all three of my previous...and I am sure I will need it for this one as well!!! I was induced 2 weeks early with the last two!!! We will see...Good LUCK! 

Gemini09 --- 10 years ago -

Oh yea, go buy a cake.

Both time I went into labor I bought a cake I was craving. Never got a chance to eat because I went into labor. So, it sat our for days while I was in the hospital. LOL!

Then a friend of mine baked a cake for a potluck the next day, and never made it. 

Gemini09 --- 10 years ago -

I think sex really helped me last time too. 

Dess --- 10 years ago -

Clean your house really well!! Nest like a mad woman until you are worn out!! That's what kicked me into labor last time and I was in your same situation:) 

Ottosgirl --- 10 years ago -

Primrose Oil... its all natural. It will soften your cervix and help things move along. My midwife told me to get it and it worked. Its a tablets and you can buy it at GNC. 

DollLikeDeceptions --- 10 years ago -

well ladies I had the baby!! Went in Tuesday night. You'll never guess what worked....Michael Jackson Experience for WII! LMAO not sure if it was the dancing, or attempt at dancig, or the hystarical laughing but my labor started at 6pm tuesday night. Got sent home around 11pm, went back at 1am, sat in the triage room until 4 being monitored, admitted at 0430, broke my water at 0615 and he was born at 0708 wednesday. 

gburchett --- 10 years ago -

It rocks your pelvis, helps baby slide more into position.
Have someone go with you or a car close by just in case. 

proud wife of a retiree --- 10 years ago -

Congrats doll!!!! 

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