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I joined this crazy place on 2010-05-05, 11 years ago.

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Mypay question - 6 years ago

Better safe than sorry. LES's are up right now, so you could look at it and see what bank the comments say it's going to. Unless his new account is at the same bank, then it wont be much help.

Finally Friday!!!!! - 6 years ago

I havent been out since in Kansas, and I dont have high hopes for anywhere in JC. I will say tho that I have heard stories about my 1SG and supply NCO at bars together and it sounds like something I'd...

new to the area as of Sunday... - 6 years ago

I'm going to wait til closer to when we are leaving before I start asking for letters. There are two specific people I'd like them from, but I think I should wait a few more months at least.

new to the area as of Sunday... - 6 years ago

I'm stressing trying to find work in the place where we are moving. My current company has me spoiled and nothing will be as good. Tempted to say screw it and become self-employed again, but that is a...

Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler...... - 6 years ago

The peepers are a good sign.

new to the area as of Sunday... - 6 years ago

Cant express how lucky I was to find my employer. It runs like the good ol days thing.

Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler...... - 6 years ago

I have no idea where everyone went, but I do miss conversation. I'm on FB, but I dont want to friend every stranger just for that random chat. I'm a group chat type person, not one on one.

I need ft riely transportation office number , anyone please ? - 6 years ago

Would be funny to find out that someone has been sitting by the computer for 4 years waiting for someone to reply to this thread with the phone number.

new to the area as of Sunday... - 6 years ago

I'm finally leaving Kansas this year. I found my job on craigslist... best employer ever... going to miss working for them when I leave. Cheap cars are cheap for a reason, if you arent a mechanic or d...

Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler...... - 6 years ago

This place died a while ago. Never was super crazy, but was something you could be regular on. Fast forward some years and now its a ghost town.

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