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I joined this crazy place on 2013-04-26, 7 years ago.

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Wow - 5 years ago

I see this place is still super happening lol.

Tonight - 5 years ago

I did everyone who's lerking should come out wed. Bring the kids and dance.

Tonight - 5 years ago

tonight at 7pm at coyotes in junction city there is free dance lessons. I will be there it is family friendly so my son will be there feel free to join me!

Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler...... - 5 years ago

are you at carson now TeeC? i just came from there. well not carson exactly but the area i have a ton of friends there. im hoping that since a bunch of guys are coming home in the next few mos ish tha...

Finally Friday!!!!! - 5 years ago

so i checked out coyotes...slow as hell till like 1030ish maybe a bit later. started picking up after that tho. biggest issue i have is im a professional dancer and noooooo one can dance as well as im...

Finally Friday!!!!! - 6 years ago

I am going out tonight around 815 ish. Does anyone have any suggestions about the nightlife around JC? I definately wanna hit up coyotes cuz its a country place. But im open to suggestions about other...

Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler...... - 6 years ago

yes they are at least people are checking if only we could get them to talk.....

new to the area as of Sunday... - 6 years ago

that sucks. you will find something tho im sure. see if your employer now will write you a letter of rec to attach to your resume...aparently it helps more than people think.

new to the area as of Sunday... - 6 years ago

I'm working with the workforce place right now getting my resume in perfect shape taking some pretests to get a work cert and on Monday am going to the temp place to see what I can do. Plus Friday I'm...

Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler...... - 6 years ago

Yeah me too that's what these things are good for is group discussions...tho at the moment...gasp...were chatting 1 on 1 lol tho there appear to be some peeping toms. Hello you pervy people out the...

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